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Modern Day Pendulum Clocks
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3D Pendulum Clock
In 1878 Moritz Grossmann, the founder of the German Watchmaking School in Glashütte, wrote an article for the German Horological Journal describing design criteria and practical solutions for a precision regulator clock. Grossmann's explanations from 1878 form the basis for the design of the Ingénieur du Temps 3D printed clock. more...

Hybrid Precision Pendulum Clock
Precision timing has fascinated mankind ever since Galileo’s discovery of the stability of pendulums in the Cathedral of Pisa. Pendulums as timekeepers have been studied theoretically and practically ever since then. Until the introduction of atomic clocks in the 1950s pendulums were the basis for all precision timing around the world. Pendulum clocks have something satisfying and grounding in them, their accuracy as it is depending on the characteristics of our earth, some of the timing errors seen caused by the universe around us. more...

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